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Crystal Library 

Here you will find a list of crystals and meanings. It's important to say, the meanings of some pieces will be very personal to the owner and very different to what is written here. This is to be used as guidance, particularly if you are new to the world of crystals and want some help in deciding on where to start! 

Once you set your intentions in your piece it will resonate with you in the way that you require. 

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Agate (Druzy)

Boosts creativity and imagination

Rebalances and harmonises the body  


A stone of truth and courage.

Revives sense of purpose.

Helps one create clear boundaries.

Soothes emotional trauma and helps manifest love.

Amethyst (Dream Amethyst)

A stone for calm and peace of mind

Promotes relaxation and self discovery

Enhances intuition and dream recall.  


A fusion of Amethyst and Citrine.

Aids in focusing your energy.

Using calm to enhance your personal power.


For intuition, breaking free of cycles and patterns

One to empower and move forward.


Amplified the energy of other stones.

Transforms negativity to positivity

For reconnecting with a soul or your inner child.

Can also help connect with spirit guides or guardian angels.

A stone to raise your vibration


Calm and care.

For honest communication.

Soothing energy.

A water stone, a great pocket stone for travels.

Aragonite Blue


For joy optimism and increased compassion

A strong stone for spiritual vision and communication  

Provides healing to ones emotions.


A stone for hope and manifestation

Great for body confidence and seeing the best in ones self.

Offers calm during times of distress

One to lift your vibration  



Black Tourmaline in Quartz

A protective stone

Absorbs negative energies

Shields one from emotional , spiritual and physical harm

It can also ground one, when the world becomes overwhelming

Bloodstone African

A stone for courage, strength and endurance

Great for purification

A stone to realign lower chakras

Bloodstone Dragon

Encourages focus on inner strength

Boosts focus and resilience

A stone for building a creative mind on the basis of self love

Blue Lace Agate

Helps counteract fear of rejection.

A calming stone.

Helps one speak their truth.

It enhances the power behind your affirmations.

Blue Calcite

Aids clairvoyance, intuition and dream recall. 

Soothing and relaxing.

Helps in linking thoughts to feelings. 

Blue Onyx

Enhances happiness

Increases intuition

Aids in mental balance and focus


Calcite Honey

Improves confidence

Increases courage to overcome obstacles

Helps focus ones energy and increase feelings of self worth.

Great for motivation and willpower.

Calcite Orange

A stone for passion

Creative and sexual energy 

Aids with lethargy 

Great for fertility 

Calcite Pistachio

A stone that opens your heart to receive love and maintain a loving relationship

It encourages patience, compassion and understanding

Supports the mind through traumatic and unexpected changes

Caribbean Calcite

A soothing and calming stone

Great for stress relief

Increases compassion

Helps to reduce sleep disturbances and nightmares


A stone for physical vitality

Great for passion, commitment, confidence, and creativity.

Aids in reducing procrastination

Stimulates sexuality  

Celestite Aura

A soothing stone

Brings about inner peace

Allows you to rise above frustrations.

Great for activating higher states of consciousness

Chalcedony Aura

Great for calming those quickly angered.

Helps in forgiveness

Brings peace  


For endurance and perseverance

For lessons in compassion and acceptance. 

One for making one feel more connected on their spiritual path 


A stone for optimism wealth and abundance.

It helps one focus on the good things in life.

Great for empowerment, happiness and success.  

Clear Quartz

Boosts energy of other stones

Draws in positivity and amplifies intentions

Cleanses and restores

Offers relief from negativity  

Crazy Lace Agate

The laughter/happiness stone

Raises your vibration and increases confidence

A stone to ward off evil eye  



Opens the heart to new ways of finding love.

Aids in romantic relationships and the challenges that come with it 

Aids understanding of self worth 

Great to build endurance in a relationship 


Eye Amulet

An ancient symbol of protection

The bead reflects any evil intent back to the onlooker

It’s also known to be a symbol of strength


Fire Quartz (Hematoid Quartz)

For balancing energy

Boosts focus and concentration

Enhances will power self esteem and self worth

Encourages prioritising self care

A stone for survival  

Flower Agate

Connects heart and root chakras

Helps one reach their full potential

Removes self doubt and promotes self love

For motivation passion and emotional growth  

Fluorite (Rainbow)

Neutralises negative energy

Increases concentration and aids decision making

Stops one rushing ahead and helps  to bring order

A stone for resilience and wisdom  



For sensuality 

A stone that give one courage

Aids to reignite the flame in a relationship

Aids one in exploring deep intimacy 

Golden Healer

A stone for willpower and resolution.

Cleanses and heals the soul

Blocks ‘foreign energies’

Restores natural balance



A grounding stone

Aids focus

Calms through change

A stone for new positive habits 

Herkimer Diamond 

A variety of quartz

Aids one in knowing what they need

Magnifies the energy of other stones 


Calming, soothing and great for sleep.

Aid anxiety 

Great for those busy with demanding lifestyles


Kambaba Jasper

Restores balance. 

For growth in receiving and giving love

Aids in soothing worry.


The stone of divine love.

Kunzite is a healer. It helps one let go of fear and worries and form new connections with confidence.

Restores trust in yourself and others


A stone of truth 

For compassion through communication 

One for peace



Raises consciousness

Strengthens faith in self and trust in the Universe.

A stone for transformation/ change

Tempers the side of ones personality that could bring about shame

Lapis Lazuli

A protective stone.

Brings deep inner peace

Helps develop intuition, enhances memory and is empowering through self awareness


One for still from volatility 

A soft and easy energy 

One to aid you tune in  to your natural rhythm effortlessly 


A stone with high Lithium content 

Great for aiding mood disturbances

A soothing energy for self acceptance. 



A stone that encourages you to be yourself!

A guide to raise awareness of your emotional triggers.

For unconditional love

Cleanses and purifies all chakras.

For spiritual renewal and vitality


 A grounding stone

Helps bring personal power and will power to the forefront

An energiser and ‘pick me up’

Moonstone (Peach)

A stone for anxiety

Reignites passion for things that makes one happy

A stone of self – loving vibrations

Moonstone (Rainbow)

A stone for feminine/ goddess energy!

Great for tapping into your intuition

A calming stone that brings heartfelt joy!


Divine Love

A nurturing stone.

Aids in trauma, heartbreak and negative experiences

A healer of the heart

Moss Agate

An energy balancer

A stone of abundance

Strengthens the body during times of stress

Attracts new love  


Obsidian (Black)

A grounding and protective stone

One to keep negative vibes away

For a strength you didn't know existed

Obsidian (Snowflake)

To aid decisiveness

Improves confidence

A grounding and supportive stone

Ocean Jasper

Encourages one to embrace love happiness and joy.

Attracts positivity.

Inspires one to overcome challenges

A stone of strength


Enhances cosmic awareness

Allows one to express their true self

A karmic stone



A stone of compassion 

For good health, balanced emotions and bringing peace to relationships.

Can also aid sleep 


Pink Amethyst

A healing stone. 

Allows one to view things with eyes of a higher realm

Increases intuition and balances emotions

Pink Opal

A stone of peace and calm. 

Aids healing from trauma.

Great for aiding letting go of heartache and emotional pain. 


A stone for inspiration and unconditional love

Great for enhancing intuition

For conscious awakening


A manifesting stone 

Raises ones vibrations 

For boosting energy and increasing abundance


Quartz Rutile

A variation of quartz that aids in healing emotional wounds, on a path to spiritual insight

Aids in increasing intuition

A both grounding and awakening stone


Red Jasper 

For confidence, sensuality and passion 


Offers strength through life's challenges


A healer particularly in regards to childhood trauma

Opens ones heart 

Support through feeling overwhelmed


Great for emotional healing

Aids in soothing heartache

Promotes compassion

Rose Quartz

The stone of love, compassion, calm, forgiveness support and surrender.

Promotes elf love and self appreciation

One to encourage kindness and compassion to oneself

Ruby in Fuchsite

A stone for emotional support and self – reflection

Great for strength and confidence in oneself

A stone for drive, to regain passion in ones’ life

Ruby Zoisite

Connects the heart and crown chakras

For increased consciousness

To aid release of suppressed anger



For confidence and empowerment 

For assertiveness

For new opportunities


For cleansing and recharging.

Raises awareness and intuition.

Thoughts ideas and visions become clearer, consciously and subconsciously, whilst awake and asleep.

A great meditation stone



Aids in making dreams a reality 

Awakens the 'go-getter' in you



Smoky Quartz

Protective and grounding 

For calm and focus

One to aid your vision into the better things in life


Great for honest communication

Supports confident expression

Stimulates intellect and empathy

Enhances self esteem and self acceptance

Great for insomnia


Helps balance mental and spiritual overstimulation

Helps overcome intrusive thoughts

Raises courage, drive and focus

Great for inner reflection  


One to brighten your day 

Aids your confidence

For fun, laughter and abundnce



Stimulates happiness and joy for life.

Brings healing to the heart. A stone for love and compassion.

Allows one to speak the hearts truths.

Tigers Eye

Encourages one to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of life

An empowering and motivating stone




Encourages one to embrace love happiness and joy.

Attracts positivity.

Inspires one to overcome challenges

A stone of strength

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