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How to Utilise Crystals

Carry them

Whenever you feel the need to centre yourself, hold your crystal in your hand.


Use them in meditation

Hold a crystal in the palm of each hand as you meditate. Or, whilst meditating, place them on areas of your body/ chakra points where you seek healing.

Place under your pillow

For a good nights sleep (e.g. Amethyst, Selenite, Blue Calcite) or dream recall (Dream Amethyst)

Home décor

Place points or crystals around the home, to look good and to have energy vibrate through your home.

Body grid and Reiki

Lay crystals on associated Chakras e.g Rose Quartz on the heart Chakra for universal love to reign.

Add to your bath 

Ensuring they are water safe, add crystals to your bath.

Wear them 

Wearing crystal jewellery to raise your vibrations throughout the day.

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